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History of Miami

First settled over 2000 years ago by the Tequesta Native American tribe, Miami’s proximity to the Miami River has always been a major reason why people have settled in this area for centuries. The land, first claimed by Spain in 1566, was ceded to the United States in 1821. The area, as we know it today, was founded by Julia Tuttle and is the only major city in the United States founded by a woman. After the Great Freeze of 1894-95, many of the crops died slowing growth. Tuttle was able to convince Henry Flagler, railroad tycoon, to extend his railroad through Miami. This helped Miami blossom.

40% of Miami’s residents were either immigrants from the Bahamas or African Americans looking for work. Unfortunately, as the white population of Miami grew, racial tensions began to grow. In the Miami of the 1920s, many of the white police officers were unabashedly members of the Ku Klux Klan. This led to significant racial violence, yet the city continued to grow. In World War II, Miami was used as a military base defending against German submarines. This contributed greatly to the city’s growth, earning its nickname The Magic City, because of its unparalleled growth in such a short time.

Miami Today

Today, Miami is the capital of Latin America and recognized as one of the most important cities on the East Coast. It is the second biggest city in Florida but remains one of the most important for Latin culture in the United States. Miami is also home to some of the world’s greatest beaches; such as South Beach and Fort Lauderdale Beach. Miami is a great place for those who love sandy shores, warm weather, refreshing water, and any outdoor activity you can think of!

Whether beaches and swimming aren’t your things, or you’re too sunburned to move; Miami has many other things to do off the beach too. Miami Nightlife is thriving and people love the seemingly perpetual party scene. One thing you’ll never have to worry about though is finding something to eat! As a central hub for Latin America, the food in Miami has a natural Latin flair. Ranging from Latin classics, such as empanadas and tacos, to over-the-top fusion, Miami is a foodie’s paradise! Whether you like the beautiful beaches, thriving culture, or bustling nightlife; there is something for everyone in Miami, Florida!

Get Cash for Cars Miami!

Get cash for your car or truck from one of the top car buyers in Miami-Dade County! Cash For Cars Miami is the most secure and easiest way to get sell a car for cash in the Sunshine state. We’re Florida’s top car buyer, and we’ve been in the auto industry for over 35 years. We’re committed and our customer reviews prove it. We’re here to help people just like you get cash for cars without worries or hassles of selling it on an Internet classified ad.

We make it easy. To start the process just complete the instant cash offer on this page. We just need you to answer a few questions about your car or truck. Our car buyers stay up-to-date with current market prices to ensure that you get the most competitive offer around every time.

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Have something other than a car that you want to get cash for? We buy trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs, boats, motorcycles, even ATVs – in any condition! Running or not, we buy vehicles in all conditions.

Fast Cash for Cars Miami

As soon as you accept our guaranteed offer, we’ll get started scheduling your free towing appointment. We’ll come right to your doorstep from Hialeah to Key Biscayne to Coral Gables and beyond to pick up your car, all at no cost to you! In some cases, we can even pick up in less than 24 hours!

When the driver arrives, they’ll present you with your check for your guaranteed offer. And we’ll take it from there! No boring paperwork or haggling over prices for you. We know you’ve got important things to do, like getting to the bank to cash that check!

The best part? Selling your car to Cash For Cars Miami is an eco-friendly option! We recycle your used car, and we even pay you to do it! Don’t waste another minute trying to sell your car on your own, Miami! Complete the cash offer form on the page or call us now!

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