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Jacksonville in a Nutshell

Jacksonville is a sprawling city located in northern Florida, very close to the Georgia border and the Atlantic shoreline. Jacksonville is a regional vacation hotspot for families as well as one of the region’s economic anchors. Its proximity to the ocean and prestigious golf courses attract visitors from around the US. Jacksonville is also a US military center with several bases, and has one of the largest ports in the region as well. Cash For Cars Jacksonville is thrilled to be able to serve such a unique and growing community in Florida!

History of Jacksonville

French explorers traveled to the Jacksonville area in 1564 and founded a colony named Fort Caroline. This was one of the earliest European settlements in the US. The Jacksonville area was later under British and Spanish rule before Florida achieved statehood in the early 19th century. The official city of Jacksonville was founded soon after and named after Andrew Jackson. Jacksonville quickly became a winter vacation hotspot for northerners looking to escape the cold.

Jacksonville is Huge!

Like many other cities, Jacksonville started to sprawl after World War II ended. Because of this, Jacksonville’s suburbs were consolidated into the city in 1968. This made Jacksonville one of the largest cities in the US by land area, which is still true today. Jacksonville is also statistically considered one of the largest cities in the US by population. This is because most residents in the Jacksonville metro area within the city limits, instead of living in nearby towns.

Jacksonville is Booming!

The active port in Jacksonville continues to be a very important part of the city’s economy, making it a center for foreign imports. Jacksonville also has a very strong financial sector, with many regional banks headquartered here. Many national banks also have some of their operations based in Jacksonville. Nearby beach towns pull tourism to the region throughout the year. They are home to very successful resorts that attract thousands of people each year, particularly around spring break.

Jacksonville Culture

Sports are a very important part of Jacksonville’s culture. The city has its own NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and also hosts the annual college football game between the Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs. However, there’s also plenty to do for those who aren’t sports fans. Jacksonville has several excellent museums, including the Cummer Museum of Art, Museum of Science and History, and Museum of Contemporary Art. Jacksonville also has a sprawling zoo with beautiful gardens. The South Bank Riverwalk and Friendship Fountain also offer beautiful views of the downtown skyline.

Jacksonville’s Evolution

Jacksonville has long had a reputation for being quiet and conservative, but the city is growing, with an evolving art and restaurant scene. The Avondale and Riverside neighborhoods are particularly appealing, with waterfront views, charming old homes, and a growing food scene. On the south bank, the San Marco area is an artsy community that is home to many of the city’s best independent shops.

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If you’ve been trying to sell a car in Duval County, you know it can be a total pain. Between writing a clever ad to post in the classifieds or Craigslist, meeting up with perfect strangers for test drives, and haggling over what’s a fair price, it’s an exhausting project. Cash For Cars Jacksonville is the easiest way to get cash for your car right now!

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