We’re Driven By Charity

Copart Charity Race for the Cure

At CashForCars.com, a subsidiary of Copart, Inc., we are passionate about more than helping people sell their cars fast. We’re dedicated to supporting the communities that house our our nearly 200 U.S. locations, and we actively seek opportunities to contribute time and funds to charities that are close to our company’s heart.

Our parent company, Copart Inc., has given us the keys to drive change in our communities and beyond, whether it’s from supporting veterans through Progressive’s Keys to Progress initiative, or raising money and awareness for homeless children through Vogel Alcove.

Hurricane Harvey impacted many of our community members near both the Texas and Louisiana coasts in 2017. In an effort to support the affected communities, the CashForCars.com Team donated $10 for every car purchased, to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts from September 18th, 2017 through October 17th, 2017. thank you for helping us support residents of these areas, who will need our help rebuilding their homes and businesses for a long time to come.

We Give Cars a Second Life

We understand that all cars have value. When an unwanted vehicle is sold to CashForCars.com, our car buyers connect the vehicle to a global audience of auto recyclers and rebuilders who purchase vehicles mainly to reuse the parts, recycle the scrap metal or restore it.

Salvaged, wrecked or junk cars may not be usable to the common public, but they can be disposed of in an environmentally sound way. Our mission is to help people sell their cars safe, fast and easy, but our foundation is built on doing so in an eco-friendly, sustainable way – by recycling your car.

We Put Small Business in Gear

Copart hires the best towing businesses in every location to better serve our customers and facilitate a fast and easy selling process. By contracting select local, licensed towers, we help small businesses thrive and grow in the communities we serve, and when small businesses succeed, communities flourish.

Copart also hires local residents to staff each storage location, with thousands of people across the nation serving as vehicle purchasing agents, customer service representatives, and operations staff. Our company offers employee health benefits, stock options and paid holidays to full-time employees, and we recently launched a Leadership Development Program internally, designed to give employees management training and a fast track to growth within our company.

Car Being Towed
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