The Top Reliable Car Brands

Reliability is a surprisingly subjective topic. Everyone’s experiences vary greatly and some may disagree with our picks for the top reliable car brands. While what brands are considered reliable changes year-to-year, it’s important that you know what brands you can almost never gone wrong with! We understand that sometimes you get a lemon or you have run into problems with a certain car brand in the past. While unfortunate, that is usually not representative of the automaker as a whole. It’s important to remember that everyone’s experiences with certain brands will be different depending on many different factors!

What Factors Can Affect Reliability?

One of the most obvious things that can make a huge difference in the reliability of a vehicle is maintenance.

Do You Keep Up With Oil Changes?

Getting regular oil changes and keeping up with how many miles before you need another oil change are both important. One thing that can help is changing your own oil and oil filter and using the best oil for your vehicle. This ensures that you’re keeping your vehicle’s engine well lubricated, and performing at its best performance.

What Kind of Gas Do You Use? Unleaded or Premium?

Some people don’t realize that the kind of gas that you are filling your vehicle up with can play a huge factor in how your car runs and its reliability. Luxury and sports cars like BMWs, Minis, or Mercedes-Benz need premium gas to keep them in the best shape possible. It may be more expensive but with a luxury car comes the luxury costs.

Do You Only Go to the Mechanic When Something Breaks?

This is something almost all of us are guilty of. We push off getting a check-up on our car regularly because we are always scared of bad news. While some mechanics might find problems that don’t exist, it’s important to find one that you trust. This way they can tell you about problems with your car before anything breaks. This could dramatically increase the cost of the repair and may even save your life in some cases.

What Happens When You Keep Up With Regular Maintenance and Repairs?

Most people are excited to get 200,000 miles out of their vehicles, much less 300,000 or more! There are some rare cases of vehicles that have had regular maintenance performed lasting for over 1,000,000 miles! In fact, the world record belongs to Irv Gordon and his 1966 Volvo 1800S with 3,200,000 miles on it! While this probably won’t be the case for your vehicle, some of these vehicles you can expect to get 250,000 miles or more with regular maintenance!

The Top Reliable Car Brands


Honda™ Logo | The Top Reliable Car Brands blog by

It’s probably no surprise to most car veterans to see Honda on this list. Many of Honda’s best selling models, like the Civic, Odyssey, CR-V, Fit, and Accord; have a reputation for their reliability, build quality, affordability, and friendliness to home mechanics and professionals alike. Honda has been building cars for nearly 60 years and has perfected the balance between quality and affordability that keeps Hondas on the road for well over 200,000 miles! While not the flashiest or quickest vehicles, Honda’s reliability is consistent and largely unmatched. That’s why Honda has been associated with the top reliable car brands from years passed and years to come!


Toyota™ Logo | The Top Reliable Car Brands blog by

Much like Honda, it’s probably not very surprising to see Toyota here. Toyota’s reputation as one of the top reliable brands for many of the same reasons that Honda is; the balance of reliability, quality, and affordability. Toyota’s top-selling model, the Corolla, is largely responsible for this. The Corolla has sold more units than any other car in automotive history, around 47.5 million cars! Despite how long the car has been around, Toyota is still selling thousands of Corollas every day. Other models like the RAV4 and Camry have contributed to Toyota’s reputation as one of the top reliable car brands in the world!


Lexus™ Logo | The Top Reliable Car Brands blog by

Lexus is the luxury division of Toyota and the spirit of quality and reliability continues through Lexus as it does with Toyota. While Lexus models are more expensive than Toyota; Lexus’s increased performance, an upgraded interior, and exterior styling make the price increase from a Toyota to a Lexus worth every penny. The Lexus ES was named the most dependable vehicle overall and the Lexus GX won its Midsize Premium SUV segment, both by J.D. Power. Consumer Reports also report the Lexus GX, NX, and GS sedan as three of the most reliable vehicles overall. Lexus has become a powerhouse over the years and is now one of the top reliable car brands in the world!


Genesis™ Logo

A newcomer to the automotive industry, Genesis is the luxury division of Hyundai. The inspiration for name and style for this luxury sub-brand is the Hyundai Genesis. Genesis has made a huge splash in the automotive industry, blowing people away with their luxurious sedans and their GV80 crossover. The Genesis G80 won the Midsize Premium Car category in J.D. Power’s reliability survey. The G70 was also named the most reliable model by Consumer Reports. Genesis’s reliability and bang-for-your-buck approach to luxury has made even the most-seasoned of luxury brands pale in comparison. Genesis has quickly become one of the top reliable car brands in less than 5 years!


Porsche™ Logo | The Top Reliable Car Brands blog by

One brand that you might be surprised to see is Porsche! Why? Well, sports car manufacturers and reliability aren’t typically in association with each other. A sports car’s purpose is to drive faster and harder than other street-legal cars. When a car is meant for performance, things tend to break easier. This is, of course, no fault of the manufacturer. Surprisingly, Porsche circumvented this association with the Cayenne and Macan. The Macan topped the Compact Premium SUV title in J.D. Power’s reliability survey. The Cayenne, Macan, and the sportier 718 Boxster are all recommended by Consumer Reports for their reliability. Porsche’s change of direction to compact SUVs has allowed them to become one of the top reliable car brands in the world.

What Did You Think of Our List of The Top Reliable Car Brands?

Did you agree with the brands that we listed? If not, tell us why on our social media! We know that everyone has different experiences and might be a huge fan of another car brand that wasn’t on our list. Maybe the opposite is true and you strongly dislike a brand on our list! Tell us your stories about your lemon or about that car that would never die!

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